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I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Sculpting An Angel

The title of this artwork is Sculpting An Angel.

My artwork is a reflection of my discovery process. I feel as though I am forever searching for the image that is hidden from view. Each time I create I am looking for the image, not making it. I feel as though I am being led to the point of “Aha, wow I found it”. So it is a funny thing that I am creating art but not really. It is being shown slowly to me as I look for it. I don’t sit down and think about what I want to paint, I put the brush in my hand and start to move it. The image itself knows what it wants to be, I am helping that to happen. Much like a baby in the womb, it will be what it was meant to be, I am the vessel through…

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Recommended Reading: “The Tao of Twitter” by Mark W. Schaefer

Marty F. Nemec

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(All book recommendations I do are written by me and all authors are unaware that I am recommending their books. I am not paid in any form.)

The Tao of Twitter

Twitter is hard. I can admit that.

Twitter has its own set of rules and lingo. Every single person that has stepped foot into Twitter thinking “Hey, it’s social media just like Facebook!” has had to reel back in horror from the thousands of short sentences being randomly flung every direction. And this is just after one minute.

The truth is there is a method to the madness. This giant jumble of tweets that seems to be bouncing off the walls like atoms are actually all part of a giant system. Mark W. Schaefer’s “The Tao of Twitter” aims to not only teach you how to understand Twitter and it’s complexity…

It wants to teach you how to harness it to…

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10 Creative Ways to Market on Pinterest

10 Creative Ways to Market on Pinterest

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Marketing used to be simple.

You placed an advertisement in a magazine, the yellow pages or the local newspaper and people picked up the phone and called you or dropped into your place of business.

Now you have dozens of marketing channels you can use and the media is not just print, television and telemarketing.

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Thank you to Christine Fournier for sharing this article with me.

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