Selling Links

A list I am compiling for Art Selling Outlets Online – Gathered from a few websites

  1. Etsy – a community of artists who make hand crafted pieces.  See our post on How to Sell Your Art on Etsy.
  2. Adwords – Google’s advertising program.  If you have a website where you sell your work, Adwords is a highly effective way of targeting those looking for art to buy.
  3. Ebay – the world’s largest auction site.  Follow @ebayart on Twitter to get an idea of what kind of art does well on ebay.
  4. Amazon – the single largest directory of online stores, Amazon turned itself into one of the world’s largest retailers by creating a platform for anyone to sell anything.  There are literally thousands of stores that use Amazon as their main source of sales.  If you make handmade jewelry, Amazon has a section just for you on their front page.
  5. – high quality printing & framing, community, and marketing tips. See Imagekind Power Selling Tips.
  6. – for designing shirts, other screen printed things
  7. Craigslist – in certain cities, people use Craigslist for everything.  In Portland, I have seen everything from couches, to cars, to beautiful pieces of art for sale.  Think of it as the world’s largest classified ad.
  8. – a little bit like Etsy, but with a different focus. ArtFire’s Community Directed Development asks their artists to tell them what kind of features and products to build.
  9. – feature one piece of art each day on the site.
  10. – the most comprehensive guide to selling paintings on the internet.
  11. – buy, sell art gallery
  12. – another gallery
  13. – a marketing book for artists
  14. – ready made art websites w/Paypal shopping cart built in

Artsy Shark has provided a list of 200 Places to Sell :

/ – Showcase & Discover Creative Work

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