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Keyword Advice

This is a great keyword generation tool:
Always have your name in your keywords !!!!! If people try to search for you they won’t find you if your name is not in your keywords !!!!
I have tried to find people on here by their name and many times get nothing…….

For Descriptions:
I use wikipedia so often to get generic descriptions: Sunflower is a great example. Post a picture of a sunflower and
From Wikipedia
” copy and paste sunflower description from wikipedia”
Make sure you give credit when you copy and paste.

Have the keywords you use appear in your description.

Always start the description this way:
1. Title of work
2. Your name
3. Your website
4. Description of work (optional) – Mention where the picture was taken or painting was made. If there is a specific town or place or person in the image, write it down. ex. Washington Monument, vacation with family, etc….
5. Wikipedia or other reference to your work

I have a word document that has my basic keywords that I use on all of my pieces, sorted by gallery, and my basic description.
I copy and paste as much as I can when adding in my images.

Google and other search engines will index your work just as much as FAA search engines do. If there are no words to describe your work to the world then chances are they won’t find it if they look for it.

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