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Linking FAA Uploads & Posts to Social Meida

Hi Omaste, maybe you can weigh in on this.
When I first created my FAA account, I made the rookie mistake of linking my FB account to FAA and they flooded my FB timeline with all my uploads. I was immediately called on the carpet by friends and Photographers who follow my page. So I killed that and I broke the “automatic connection.
Now I only publish to my wall once every ten or more uploads (no more gnashing of teeth is heard) The one thing I don’t want to do is annoy potential customers by constantly bombarding their news updates with “Jeff uploaded another 10 images”.
I agree with them. as I saw a week later three “friends” on FB start up and the uploads were flying everywhere. Annoying as hell…

Now I just went to a gentlemans G+ link and all it was, was announcement after announcement of a new image on FAA… Nothing about the photographer… it sounded desperate to me and that I found a media channel outlet… BORING!
One thing I do know is that our customers want to get a feel for the photographer and create a connection. When all I see is “buy my print”,”buy my print”,”buy my print”,”buy my print” etc then I head for the hill or at least the next page. What is there to interest me to get me to look at the persons artwork?
Maybe I shouldn’t say anything so I don’t have to compete with these people but since we’re supposed to be helping each other out… I thought it would help to mention this. It does no good to fire and forget your announcements because the louder you yell, the less they listen…  Oh if I’m wrong let me know, I’m not perfect and my sales are not what I base this on. I base it on what I believe the very successful do to get found and sell.

Posted by : Jeff Folger

Read Your Feeds

Tip for Today:
Go visit your social media sites and look at your feeds. Are they solid FAA link posts or do you have other info in there as well.

Do you feel engaged by your content or are you bored by it. I was really surprised one day after posting a bunch of stuff, to go and read my Twitter feed, and be really turned off by it. Make sure you think about what you are sharing and the message you want to convey when you share online.

Inspirational quotes, photography/painting advice tips/tricks, what interests you personally that you would like to share with the world. What influences your artistic visions, What is your favorite color and why, showcase work in that color……

Social Media followers like to be engaged with you as a person and not just your work 🙂

Early Morning Magic

Posting Ratios

My rule of thumb is this.
When you are considering promoting yourself with Social Media, Use the 75 – 25 approach.

75% of the time you should spend building your following on social media. The more followers you have the more you will get exposure for your work. If you are constantly just promoting yourself and trying to sell your work people will tune out and disengage.

Put more time into engaging with people and not just trying to sell to them.
Once you have engaged with them then let them know casually that you have work to offer…. 25%

Connecting With Your Audience

I do a lot of reading about art marketing using social media. One article I read said that your goal on social media is making connections with real people who slowly get to know you and trust you. This is accomplished by genuinely commenting and sharing other people’s posts. Lori McNee and Alyson Stanfield are two people who blog about art marketing. They have many great tips and techniques. I don’t know if it was one of them but they stated that for every 12 posts that you make only 2 of them should be about you.
Alyson believes that you should have your own website and all of your marketing should come from there. She’s a strong believer in blogging and newsletters. In this way you build a community of people who like and will buy your stuff.
Love to hear what others are thinking and any ideas you might have about balance.

Posted by Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

Promotion Fatigue Syndrome

Ok…I have been learning a lot in the last 2 weeks on FAA and Etsy and everywhere else….based on what I am seeing…I believe we will all encounter “promotion fatigue” soon if we do not do certain things to prevent it.
What is “promotion fatigue”? It is when we promote the same people and/or images over and over to the same people on social media. It includes over-pinning and over-tweeting.
Once it sets in….your hits will start going down and that means less sales potential.


  1. You MUST be actively gaining more followers…I am getting about 25 a day on Pinterest now and about 20 on Twitter…you need “fresh people” daily….you will lose followers if they get tired of seeing the same stuff all the time….and if you aren’t actively acquiring more….no hits.
  2. Promoting 6 images at a time is too much and will lead to “promotion fatigue” very soon.
  3. Throw in pins/tweets NOT about art throughout the day…quotes on Twitter….room designs on Pinterest. People have a short attention span…a zillion images of art and photography and guess what…they unfollow you…they are bored. So we need to only re-pin and re-tweet non art/photography stuff MOST of the time…throw in some of ours now and again.
  4. Space your pinning and tweeting out…do some at say 8 am…then some more at 10 am….12 am…2 pm….never more than 4 – 5 pins/tweets at a time. (I am screwing up here too and changing my strategy)….so if the threads stay as is…promote 6..I will do 2 at 8 am…2 at 10 am…2 at 2 pm…you get the picture. I may change the times up as needed…but the will be SPACED out!
  5. Take a day off every week from promoting ….for me it will be Sunday….

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