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How to Create Consistently Remarkable Content


How to Create Consistently Remarkable Content
by Lisa @ Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistance
Content is the foundation of the internet and thus any successful business provides an abundance of it. Unfortunately for many marketers, this means the re-purposing of the same old topics, ideas, and information. Google’s never-ending quest to ensure that quality content gets primary recognition on the search results means that today more than ever, it’s vital to your success to create consistently remarkable content.

Becoming a reliable source of quality information is about more than search engine results. It also positions you as a credible, trustworthy, and respected source online. Content can make or break your business. The key is to regularly generate excellent content.

So how do you create consistently remarkable content and what exactly does “remarkable” mean?

The Free Dictionary defines remarkable as 1. Worthy of notice. 2.  Attracting notice as being unusual or extraordinary.

So you must write content that is unusual or extraordinary. No small task, right? Well, here are a few tips and strategies that can help.

#1 Be Passionate

It is darned near impossible to create consistently remarkable content if you have little or no interest in your topic. Sure – you might be able to create a few great pieces. However, to create them day after day you really do need to love your topic.

#2 Be Excited

When you’re writing your content, or creating your video or audio content, it helps to feel genuinely excited about what you’re saying.  Your enthusiasm will most certainly come through.  Your word choice and the information you share changes when you feel excited about your topic.  If you can’t feel enthusiasm as you write, at least muster up a smile 🙂

#3 Learn, Connect, Grow

Content on today’s internet is all about sharing. People Pin, Tweet, Like and Share content to show their enthusiasm. Dive in and become part of the community. Learn something new every day about your industry. Connect with others who are involved in or interested in your topic. Share what you learn with others in the form of, yep you guessed it…remarkable content.

Being remarkable isn’t about being a highly skilled writer. It’s not even about being the best or most knowledgeable person in your industry. Being remarkable is about being excited to talk about your niche topic in new and interesting ways. It’s about giving each and every piece of content you create 100% of your attention, focus, and enthusiasm.

So the next time you sit down to brainstorm content ideas and to write content, think about what excites you. Think about how you can share that information in a way that will offer value to your audience. Great content doesn’t need to be lengthy and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Descriptions on FAA & Other Sites

Hello everyone,
I frequently come across images posted on FAA that only have the word None in the image’s description tag and many go do not even have a title. My tip is to fill in these tags and to give it some thought first because doing this properly will help to get you listed on various Search Engines and can even entice viewers there to at least take a peek at your work. Try and describe the image, the technique(s) used, colors, theme, reason for this work, etc. Also include your keywords, as well as who it might be suitable for. It is also a good idea to include your formatting and/or suggestions as to where it might be hung. You can always go back and change what you have written. I update my tags by adding that an image is being featured or when I find a better keyword.

Posted by : Andrew Govan Dantzler

Portfolio Advice – Keywords & Descriptions

I do the same thing. I also have a word document for my portfolio that has detailed descriptions of each photo so in my portfolio book I can have the image on the right side and the description on the left (in document protectors) The way I generate my key words is.:

I google the subject and get the description (they use a lot of keywords) then I copy paste the description onto a word document for my portfolio. Then I copy paste the description onto my keyword document and delete the extra words and keep the keywords I want. Another cool thing about Microsoft word is it has a review tab and allows you to do a word and character count too! hope that helps too. I noticed that if I put the keywords into lightroom it keeps the keywords when you upload your photos to FAA but they aren’t so good and some of the keywords get deleted.

Submitted by JFantasma Photography

Keyword Advice

This is a great keyword generation tool:
Always have your name in your keywords !!!!! If people try to search for you they won’t find you if your name is not in your keywords !!!!
I have tried to find people on here by their name and many times get nothing…….

For Descriptions:
I use wikipedia so often to get generic descriptions: Sunflower is a great example. Post a picture of a sunflower and
From Wikipedia
” copy and paste sunflower description from wikipedia”
Make sure you give credit when you copy and paste.

Have the keywords you use appear in your description.

Always start the description this way:
1. Title of work
2. Your name
3. Your website
4. Description of work (optional) – Mention where the picture was taken or painting was made. If there is a specific town or place or person in the image, write it down. ex. Washington Monument, vacation with family, etc….
5. Wikipedia or other reference to your work

I have a word document that has my basic keywords that I use on all of my pieces, sorted by gallery, and my basic description.
I copy and paste as much as I can when adding in my images.

Google and other search engines will index your work just as much as FAA search engines do. If there are no words to describe your work to the world then chances are they won’t find it if they look for it.

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