An Introduction to Africa = A Continent of unsurpassed Beauty and secrets


Hi Folks,

I want to introduce you to Africa. A Continent so huge that America almost pales in comparison. But how much is known about this massive Continent, the Countries that divide it, and the people who live in each Country, and who are vastly different from one another?

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, live the silverback mountain Gorillas. No animal, well, few, come close in beauty, stature and she awesomeness (if that’s even a word) to these incredible animals, who, people, are just ONE DNAmolecule different to us. So they could be our cousins!Truth.

gorillas        gorillas with man

Here we have a Mama and her babies. Shes content, and the babies look ever so happy. I bet their bellies are full. Then we have a man playing with a huge Gorilla! The smile on the man’s face is audible. I don’t know how he’s holding the…

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