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Infographic Thursday 7-11-2013: Social Media and SEO

This is such an amazing infographic.
Thank you to Marty for Sharing with all of us.

Marty F. Nemec

I am absolutely enamored with infographics. They look so cool, yet relay such useful information. I especially love when the designer did his homework and compiled really informative stats to include in the graphic.

I have decided to start something I will call “Infographic Thursday.” My goal is to put all of the best infographics I see throughout the week in one post for everyone to enjoy.

I hope someone else out there loves good infographics as much as me!

(Click each infographic to make them larger)

IGT 7-11-2013 2

IGT 7-11-2013 3

IGT 7-11-2013 4

IGT 7-11-2013

Was “Infographic Thursday” something you think you would enjoy every week? Comment and tell me your opinion on my idea or these infographics in general.

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-Marty F. Nemec

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