I am the Queen of Klout

Klout Queen
#klout #social

Kass Hartley

After countless hours of blogging, tweeting, pinning and posting I have become the Queen of Klout.


Throughout this semester I learned how to create and maintain a personal brand via the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

I feel like I came the furthest in my understanding and use of LinkedIn.  At first I was really passive about my use but now I find myself scrolling through group discussions and while I do not always participate in the conversation I learn a lot from other group members.

Taking on a client was a neat way to integrate social media into the business world.  The policy was really useful to my high school and they have already implemented it.  Creating the plan with a timeline was a wee bit harder than I thought it would be.  I had goals and a vague idea about…

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