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Dark Watercolor Backgrounds

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TanyDi Art & Design

Dark watercolor backgrounds

The package contains 6 abstract painted dark backgrounds. Artistic watercolor backgrounds can be useful in web and print design or as photo overlay textures in photography.

– 6 JPG images 3600 x 2700 pixels / 300ppi

Download from GraphicRiver

Dark watercolor backgrounds



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The Artist Who Wants to Banish Fear of Color

Outside The Lines

kafe fassett Kaffe Fassett has often said that his mission in life is to “banish the fear of color.” He plays with rainbow hues the same way a painter mixes shades on a palette, using needlepoint, patchwork, painting, knitting, and ceramics to create a veritable feast of color.

An exhibition of his work, titled “The Colorful World of Kaffe Fassett,” is on display at the American Museum in Britain until November 2. Laura Beresford, the exhibition’s curator, describes the show as “textile art.”

The spectacle begins at the entrance to the exhibit area, where knitted strands decorate the garden lamps and multicolored pom-poms hang from an aged tree like jewel-bright fruit. Once inside, the visitor is treated to even more dramatic visual treasures: a royal red Chinese vase presides over other scarlet-hued creations, a deep blue patchwork rug replicates Turkish tile flooring, and crisp green vegetable patterns (from artichokes through onions to…

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