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Interestingness vs. truth


Oliver Burkeman on maverick sociologist Murray S. Davis’ 1971 paper That’s Interesting! [PDF].

We live in the Era of Interestingness: attention is money, and purveyors of the interesting can make millions from Twitter feeds of amazing facts – even if they’re not always true facts – or from books or blogs offering intriguingly counterintuitive perspectives.

There are only a handful of main ways for an idea to be interesting. To grab people’s attention, you should argue that something we think of as bad is good, or vice versa; that some apparently individual phenomenon is really collective; that several seemingly disparate things are actually part of the same thing; and a few others.
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My Favorite famous artist Aldo luongo

If you have time..take a look at some of his beautiful art.

I had about 10 or twelve of his original Lithographs and when I sold my

restaurant and moved to California, my house burned down and lost

all of them, including another artist..Charleton..if you ever heard of him

I wrote about him in one of my paintings here..this is his website and

here is the very first picture that I had..most of his work was about

love and pictures like this..

hope enjoy them..

Sherrialdo luongo my favorite artist

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