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How Timing and Consistency Will Increase Your Success

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Communic8 in Ink

Thanks to Nisha Berman for this second of two articles she’s provided for our Social Media for Marketing and Communications feature week!

In my last entry, I covered the absolute basics of why you should be incorporating your messages in at least three of the several hundred possible social media outlets online around the world. So you have them all set up… Now what?

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Is @midnight The Best TV Show for Social Media?

Social Media Marketing
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Friday Fantasy – Imagination

Friday Fantasy 🙂
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Imagination is more important than knowledge…

Albert Einstein


Imagination Bends our Reality,

Creating Worlds where our Thoughts can Play,

Our Hopes can Dance,

Our Fears can tumble in Blissful Glee,

And Our Curiosity can Ever be Inspired.


And Play!


Fantastic Original Artwork by: FantasyLost at

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What Is Success Anyway?

Success is….
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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


What makes a person successful in this life?  Is it dying with a big ol’ pile of money?  Is it having the most friends?  Is it the big house and fancy car?  Is it being recognized by others for your achievements?  Is it being pretty and well liked?  Is it bagging a perfect spouse?  Getting that kid into Harvard?

Over the years I have dramatically redefined my perspective on personal success.  Everyone has their own criteria, but for me it has nothing to do with any of the above.  I have come to realize that true success has little to do with worldly achievements and everything to do with the inner peace that comes from not needing them.

Am I a successful artist?  Absolutely.  I am not getting rich off of my creativity, but I am earning a living.  If my spouse died, I could support myself entirely on my income.  I only…

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