Email Marketing: Etiquette is Key

Positive Impact Partners

When creating an email marketing campaign, it is important to stick to some key Email Etiquetteetiquette guidelines:

  1. Stay away from spamming. Don’t send mail to people you don’t know, or who haven’t requested it. Their email service will filter out emails that use spam trigger words in the subject line. At Positive Impact Partners, we will design an email campaign with the necessary amount of periodic emails. We also know which words and phrases to avoid so that your message will go to the customers’ inboxes and not their spam folders!
  2. keep it personal. If a recipient of your marketing message replies with a question or a request for more information, respond promptly. Using their name and responding to their inquiry specifically, rather than using an automated reply that can apply to a majority of the questions received, will make a difference in the way potential customers will feel…

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