Canvas….Before You Throw It…..Egg and Blow it!!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I know a lot of artists read my blog…..And this is too good not to share. So I was trying this “miracle” egg white application to fix a droopy eyelid….One of my eyes has a heavier lid, so I figured what the heck…I will try it! Anyway….no miracle there. But after my show I discovered one of my huge canvases had support bar marks all the way across the canvas from being pressed too hard into it….No amount of spraying water on the back and drying was getting them out….I gave up last night. Then this morning as I am egg whiting my eye lid…The light bulb went off!! LOL….So I smeared the egg white all over the back near the marks including where the marks were and I then blowed it with my hairdryer on low heat until dry…Viola!! Marks completely gone!! Sooooo if you ever have a canvas…

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