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The most precious people the world has ever seen


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I got to thinking about our World, and in particular, as it’s on everybody’s mind, the people of the Philippines right now. Then, my mind raced through the other people of our planet, who are lost, displaced, or, who nobody really knows much about, because they are so ‘tucked away’.

One tribe that we at TradeRoutzare very close to, or have strong feelings about, are the Kalahari Bushmen from Africa/Botswana. Thought to be the oldest Tribe on our Planet, these people are also known as the ‘gentle people’. They are also commonly called the ‘San’ people. The beauty and their wisdom, their hard lives (which they choose as hunter gatherers), as well as where they live, in the fierce Africa Sun, shows on their weathered faces.



This picture is of an old medicine man, carrying his bow and arrows. I…

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