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I Did It!!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings





Yes I did!  I’ve got my first art show under my belt and it was a great success!  It was a very small show, but I still sold 3 originals and 30 prints.  Other artists around me who have done many shows said I did amazing….phenomenal and outstanding.  I’ve got my eye on something for March or April and then next year a BIG show (you have to apply to the big shows up to a year in advance).  

I learned a lot going through this experience and that wisdom is priceless.  Just like online sales, art does not sell itself.  It is not enough to just set up your tent and hide to the side.  Of all of the tents I could see and the two on either side of me, I was the one making sales and getting people into my space.  And the phrase…

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