The Début on the Artists Carpet


Hello everybody, welcome to TradeRoutz livingStyle blogS,

Don’t you love it when something really EPIC happens in your life? When your passion is part of your daily routine? There are thousands of people all over the planet, definitely not loving what they are doing. Working to pay for a house, a car, education, food and everything else that we need to survive, and most make the best of what they do, and for those that are not happy, they have the courage to continue anyway,  but I can’t help feeling, that inside everyone is an artist. Either a designer, a pianist, a painter, a sculptor, in fact, whatever you perceive, has been designed by an artist.

So, when we, at TradeRoutz livingStyle, go out far and wide seeking out those artists that have given up everything to live their passion, we find the most outstanding, rare items, from outstanding, rare…

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