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How To Stalk (or Source) Someone on Twitter

Snark Attack

Twitter can’t be beat when it comes to business development.  Sure, it’s good for engagement, and great for sharing content.  That’s what it’s really designed for, after all.  But the nice thing about effective engagement and relevant content on Twitter is that you can build up a very targeted, highly segmented base of followers which essentially make them warm leads.

If you want to know how to proactively source talent with Twitter’s advanced search function, Jen Picard recently published a great guide for recruiters worth reading.  For just-in-time recruiting, I’d also recommend FollowerWonk, a free tool offering many of the same functions but with some nice sorting and ranking tools.  Getting true value from Twitter, however, is entirely correlated (in my experience) not to who you find or engage, but who your followers are.

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