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Read Your Feeds

Tip for Today:
Go visit your social media sites and look at your feeds. Are they solid FAA link posts or do you have other info in there as well.

Do you feel engaged by your content or are you bored by it. I was really surprised one day after posting a bunch of stuff, to go and read my Twitter feed, and be really turned off by it. Make sure you think about what you are sharing and the message you want to convey when you share online.

Inspirational quotes, photography/painting advice tips/tricks, what interests you personally that you would like to share with the world. What influences your artistic visions, What is your favorite color and why, showcase work in that color……

Social Media followers like to be engaged with you as a person and not just your work 🙂

Early Morning Magic

Auto Sharing Buttons on FAA

When we use the buttons to share work, modify the text that is default. Any time we see the words sell or sale in these posts I think it puts people off a bit. They know we sell our work. Sharing our work is how I try to come across.
For example when you use the Facebook button it adds the “prints and posters for sale” into the box. I delete these words so that people want to click the link to look at the work not click it because they feel like they have to Buy. They are more likely to click.
On the Twitter button it says “I uploaded new artwork for sale”. I delete this line. use this many characters to say What a great green capture, or Daily find for Green art. etc. Then add tags at the end of the post that are #green #art #etc…
The less generic any of these postings look the more likely people will be engaged by them.

Omaste Witkowski

Automating Social Media Posts

Ok, so I’ve found this pretty cool app, I just started with it but I can see already it has potential, for me anyway.

Basically it allows you to pre-schedule all your social media posts, so you can spread them out but do them all at once during each day and then schedule them accordingly.
Here is the link, right now they only allow twitter, facebook and linkedin but by December they will be adding pinterest, google +, stumble etc

You can also use Hoot Suite

Posted by Laura Carter


Twitter – Finding Qualifed Followers

This is another way to find people on twitter, you add your bio to twellow and then pick categories. So for instance home decor, art, photography, I think I also choose picture framing (because I owned a picture framing gallery for 11 years prior to the birth of my youngest) I also choose the category extended families, kids, etc, I choose anything I have a genuine interest in. From there you can see the top hitters as well as newbies and find people to follow.

Posted by Laura Carter

Gaining Relevant & Qualified Twitter Followers

On Twitter…I find a big hitter artist…like Matt LeBlanc for instance…who has thousands of followers…I then hand pick people from his list that look like average folks and not other artists or big businesses…I look for people who are FOLLOWING more than they have followers…numbers under 1000….regular looking folks…not artists or businesses…and I follow them…then every 48 hours, I go to http://www.justunfollow.com and I get rid of anyone who didn’t follow me back. So on a Thursday night I will go and follow 100 people and then Saturday night I go to http://www.justunfollow.com and remove dead weight. I don’t do any following in the interim. After I unfollow on that Saturday night, I go and follow 100 more people from a big hitter…then Monday night I unfollow again…You can unfollow 25 for free…but that wasn’t enough for me…so I am paying the 10 a month for unlimited……you can have 2 accounts for that 10.00 a months…so it’s super cheap for me at 5.00 a month.- Sharon Cummings

Twitter Limits on Following

A quote directly from twitter: Following (account-based): Once an account is following 2,000 other users, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios.

I couldn’t follow more then one or two a day for over a year and it happened as soon as I hit 2000, I took someone’s advice and had my followers and following almost the same number but that didn’t help. BUT recently I went back and unfollowed alot of old or inactive ones and so far I’ve been able to keep going. It’s gets harder at the 2000 mark. I won’t follow more then about 50 a day because I am nervous to be restricted again. What sucked about it was I wasn’t able to follow back people so I would get these notifications saying someone followed me and had to look like a jerk and never follow back. – Laura Carter

HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem

HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem…I am seeing it every day and I cringe…one or two on Twitter is more than enough…three tops! Keep in mind that hashtags are NOT keywords…they are for identifying other people who like to have conversations/chat about a specific topic…so if you paint a duck and use #duck as a hashtag, it isnt going to get you any attention unless a TON of people use the same hashtag to hook up with other people who like to talk about “duck”….you wont even get the “ducks” people. So think about how people talk…

I might say…Enjoy my latest painting…it’s Spring and baby #ducks are everywhere…no #hunting please.

See what I just did…I got the duck lovers and hunters in on the conversation……they might click on my work. – Sharon Cummings

Tropical Garden – Auto post FAA to Twitter vs. Customizing a Post

Tropical Garden

Something I commonly see on Twitter is people making the mistake of using the auto fill text on Sharing Buttons. In order to be engaging to an online audience you need to be able to make them want to click on your link. You do this by describing your work not just letting us know that you put it online.

I am posting an image of mine that is For Sale on Fine Art America
If I click on the Twitter button on this page on FAA, you will see this text as an auto-fill, and you will always need to change this text. NEVER POST the auto generated description of your work for sale.
“I uploaded new artwork to fineartamerica.com! – ‘Tropical Garden’ – http://fineartamerica.com/featured/tropical-garden-omaste-witkowski.html via @fineartamerica”

I use Hoot Suite to shorten the http link and I add my own text and #hastags. This is an example of how I would tweet this picture.

Get lost in a tropical garden and beware of your own imagination. Is this reality or fantasy? http://ow.ly/lHota #tropical #sculpture

I am hoping to catch an audiences attention and make them take the time to see what I am advertising. Invite them to enjoy my work. Not just let them know that I am selling something.

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