HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem

HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem…I am seeing it every day and I cringe…one or two on Twitter is more than enough…three tops! Keep in mind that hashtags are NOT keywords…they are for identifying other people who like to have conversations/chat about a specific topic…so if you paint a duck and use #duck as a hashtag, it isnt going to get you any attention unless a TON of people use the same hashtag to hook up with other people who like to talk about “duck”….you wont even get the “ducks” people. So think about how people talk…

I might say…Enjoy my latest painting…it’s Spring and baby #ducks are everywhere…no #hunting please.

See what I just did…I got the duck lovers and hunters in on the conversation……they might click on my work. – Sharon Cummings

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