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Marketing Advice from a Pro Agency

Some advice from Crown Social http://crownsocial.com/ a social media agency

“Pay attention to the audience to which you post stuff on social media.
Be real and be non-promotional and know who you are trying to target.

Start Instagram and Vine accounts. The more of these social media accounts you have the better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Vine and Snap Chat are both super fun, but really new to the game so they really hit younger demographics. Not many people are doing campaigns with them yet, but it could be a fun way to get engagement.
Pinterest is a great platform to focus on.

If you are trying to gain traction with your brand then reach out to influencers in a non-promotional way. Casually liking their stuff or leaving comments on their posts. Once you have built up a relationship, introduce your product.
If you are trying to sell your products its always interesting to look at case studies of who is doing it right. Social commerce is growing a lot and I know Pinterest is great for that. Etsy might also be good to be on.

I don’t know if you run facebook ads, but if you do, creating multiple ads and testing what imagery and copy runs best and then refining from there is best practice. People typically relate more to ads with people in them, tho I know that’s not your main subject matter.

Also, if you can fine a create way to get their email address, email blast are typically the best way to cut through all the social media white wash. I think FB only serves up like 30% of user generated content, so often it is lost in the mix.

Also, taking a look at your analytics is a good idea. I know there are some good tools for social analytic online, but most of them cost a pretty penny. It just depends on how serious you want to be about it 🙂
There’s no good free tumblr or pinterest analytics tool. Simplymeasured.com has some decent freebies for facebook, twitter, and instagram. The best free facebook analytics are the ones that facebook already provides. Twitter requires a lot of different tools for good free analytics: followerwonk, twittercounter, and tweetstats are some of my favorites.”

Connecting With Your Audience

I do a lot of reading about art marketing using social media. One article I read said that your goal on social media is making connections with real people who slowly get to know you and trust you. This is accomplished by genuinely commenting and sharing other people’s posts. Lori McNee and Alyson Stanfield are two people who blog about art marketing. They have many great tips and techniques. I don’t know if it was one of them but they stated that for every 12 posts that you make only 2 of them should be about you.
Alyson believes that you should have your own website and all of your marketing should come from there. She’s a strong believer in blogging and newsletters. In this way you build a community of people who like and will buy your stuff.
Love to hear what others are thinking and any ideas you might have about balance.

Posted by Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

Automating Social Media Posts

Ok, so I’ve found this pretty cool app, I just started with it but I can see already it has potential, for me anyway.

Basically it allows you to pre-schedule all your social media posts, so you can spread them out but do them all at once during each day and then schedule them accordingly.
Here is the link, right now they only allow twitter, facebook and linkedin but by December they will be adding pinterest, google +, stumble etc

You can also use Hoot Suite

Posted by Laura Carter


Tracking Progress

In order to motivate myself I’ve also made a spreadsheet that details my growth. It has a count of new followers each day on Pinterest and Twitter so I can measure my success. I am also being more systematic with my images to see how many hits I get after I put it out there to promote.

Posted by – Meghan at FireBonnet Designs

Pinterest Tips

  1. BIG TIP: When you go to the main Pinterest board..upper left sign that looks like a 3 lined equal sign…there is a drop down menu….select “art”, “design” or “home decor” and repin and like people’s stuff where YOUR art would look good…or art that is anything similar to yours in color…style..subject matter because guess what? People are actively looking for stuff for their homes there…it’s a site for the engaged, newly married and new home owners…if they like a room that your art would look good in…repin that! If someone likes a painting with similar colors as some as yours…repin it!! They WILL look at your stuff too and they just might like YOURS better! AND…Designers are in those sections too trolling for art for their projects…You will start THINKING this way…it will come second nature soon!
  2. REMEMBER: Spend at least 5 minutes a day repinning other people’s stuff…this brings new traffic to us all…this is KEY!
    Just go to a section like ART or DESIGN and “like” and “repin” things you like..it’s fun!
  3. DONT FORGET TO PROMOTE YOURSELF TOO!! I increased my sales by promoting myself to Pinterest, Stumble and Twitter….just space it out….I do like 5 in the a.m…..5 pieces mid day sometime and 5 pieces at night along with Pinning non-FAA and re-tweeting non FAA people each time…this is what has worked! Will all of us promoting each other on top of ourselves the results should be even greater!
  4. TIP: Make sure your Pinterest portfolio is something that people will WANT to follow...if all you have in there is one board with this groups artwork…no one is going to want to follow you except maybe your Aunt and your Grandma…
    What do people like on Pinterest…cute animals, beautiful art, flowers, fashion, home decor….food/recipes….make boards specifically for what people like and get pinning filling those board with BEAUTIFUL images….so when people check you out…they actually want to follow you.
  5. Also when you are in the Art, Design and Home Decor categories liking and repinning ….go to some people’s boards and follow a few of their boards…you dont have to follow all…just some like their art boards or home decor boards…this is how you increase FOLLOWERS…

By Sharon Cummings

Twitter Limits on Following

A quote directly from twitter: Following (account-based): Once an account is following 2,000 other users, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios.

I couldn’t follow more then one or two a day for over a year and it happened as soon as I hit 2000, I took someone’s advice and had my followers and following almost the same number but that didn’t help. BUT recently I went back and unfollowed alot of old or inactive ones and so far I’ve been able to keep going. It’s gets harder at the 2000 mark. I won’t follow more then about 50 a day because I am nervous to be restricted again. What sucked about it was I wasn’t able to follow back people so I would get these notifications saying someone followed me and had to look like a jerk and never follow back. – Laura Carter

HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem

HASHTAG MISUSE…is a major problem…I am seeing it every day and I cringe…one or two on Twitter is more than enough…three tops! Keep in mind that hashtags are NOT keywords…they are for identifying other people who like to have conversations/chat about a specific topic…so if you paint a duck and use #duck as a hashtag, it isnt going to get you any attention unless a TON of people use the same hashtag to hook up with other people who like to talk about “duck”….you wont even get the “ducks” people. So think about how people talk…

I might say…Enjoy my latest painting…it’s Spring and baby #ducks are everywhere…no #hunting please.

See what I just did…I got the duck lovers and hunters in on the conversation……they might click on my work. – Sharon Cummings

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