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Auto Sharing Buttons on FAA

When we use the buttons to share work, modify the text that is default. Any time we see the words sell or sale in these posts I think it puts people off a bit. They know we sell our work. Sharing our work is how I try to come across.
For example when you use the Facebook button it adds the “prints and posters for sale” into the box. I delete these words so that people want to click the link to look at the work not click it because they feel like they have to Buy. They are more likely to click.
On the Twitter button it says “I uploaded new artwork for sale”. I delete this line. use this many characters to say What a great green capture, or Daily find for Green art. etc. Then add tags at the end of the post that are #green #art #etc…
The less generic any of these postings look the more likely people will be engaged by them.

Omaste Witkowski

Marketing Advice from a Pro Agency

Some advice from Crown Social a social media agency

“Pay attention to the audience to which you post stuff on social media.
Be real and be non-promotional and know who you are trying to target.

Start Instagram and Vine accounts. The more of these social media accounts you have the better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Vine and Snap Chat are both super fun, but really new to the game so they really hit younger demographics. Not many people are doing campaigns with them yet, but it could be a fun way to get engagement.
Pinterest is a great platform to focus on.

If you are trying to gain traction with your brand then reach out to influencers in a non-promotional way. Casually liking their stuff or leaving comments on their posts. Once you have built up a relationship, introduce your product.
If you are trying to sell your products its always interesting to look at case studies of who is doing it right. Social commerce is growing a lot and I know Pinterest is great for that. Etsy might also be good to be on.

I don’t know if you run facebook ads, but if you do, creating multiple ads and testing what imagery and copy runs best and then refining from there is best practice. People typically relate more to ads with people in them, tho I know that’s not your main subject matter.

Also, if you can fine a create way to get their email address, email blast are typically the best way to cut through all the social media white wash. I think FB only serves up like 30% of user generated content, so often it is lost in the mix.

Also, taking a look at your analytics is a good idea. I know there are some good tools for social analytic online, but most of them cost a pretty penny. It just depends on how serious you want to be about it 🙂
There’s no good free tumblr or pinterest analytics tool. has some decent freebies for facebook, twitter, and instagram. The best free facebook analytics are the ones that facebook already provides. Twitter requires a lot of different tools for good free analytics: followerwonk, twittercounter, and tweetstats are some of my favorites.”

Connecting With Your Audience

I do a lot of reading about art marketing using social media. One article I read said that your goal on social media is making connections with real people who slowly get to know you and trust you. This is accomplished by genuinely commenting and sharing other people’s posts. Lori McNee and Alyson Stanfield are two people who blog about art marketing. They have many great tips and techniques. I don’t know if it was one of them but they stated that for every 12 posts that you make only 2 of them should be about you.
Alyson believes that you should have your own website and all of your marketing should come from there. She’s a strong believer in blogging and newsletters. In this way you build a community of people who like and will buy your stuff.
Love to hear what others are thinking and any ideas you might have about balance.

Posted by Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

Tropical Garden – Auto post FAA to Twitter vs. Customizing a Post

Tropical Garden

Something I commonly see on Twitter is people making the mistake of using the auto fill text on Sharing Buttons. In order to be engaging to an online audience you need to be able to make them want to click on your link. You do this by describing your work not just letting us know that you put it online.

I am posting an image of mine that is For Sale on Fine Art America
If I click on the Twitter button on this page on FAA, you will see this text as an auto-fill, and you will always need to change this text. NEVER POST the auto generated description of your work for sale.
“I uploaded new artwork to! – ‘Tropical Garden’ – via @fineartamerica”

I use Hoot Suite to shorten the http link and I add my own text and #hastags. This is an example of how I would tweet this picture.

Get lost in a tropical garden and beware of your own imagination. Is this reality or fantasy? #tropical #sculpture

I am hoping to catch an audiences attention and make them take the time to see what I am advertising. Invite them to enjoy my work. Not just let them know that I am selling something.

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