Sharing Work from FAA to Social Media

Many of the discussion threads here at FAA are automatic. Fav, vote, copy and paste a comment. Takes seconds and you move on. Some people don’t even bother to do that, they just post their link and move on.
This group is different and in order to be different we need to think differently. Instead of automatic and copy and paste we need to be engaging and effective. This takes thought and you have to care. Think about what you like about the art you are sharing. Color, texture, composition, unique quality a, b or c. ex: I can’t have never seen a landscape done “this way” and I really enjoy it for “this reason”…. Use Hashtags and keywords that describe the work and make it more likely to be found by a person via a search engine.
Don’t just share your work, share in it.
Think about these 2 things when you are posting links to your work and to the work of others:

  1. 1. If you were their PAID Marketing/Advertising person what would you say about this work that would make others want to purchase it.
  2. 2. If you were getting a commission to sell it how would you describe it?

In order for Social Media Marketing to really be effective we have to love what we share.


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