Gaining Qualified & Relevant Pinterest Followers

On Pinterest…it’s harder…but I go to the “Art” section and look for people who are pinning stuff I like or similar to mine…I click on them and see how many followers/following they have….I am looking for newbies…under 50 followers and MORE following….I then hit “follow all” and go back and re-pin the piece that attracted me to them in the first place to them …and comment on their pin and at the end say “I am flwg you now.:)” You cannot say following or Pinterest thinks you are a spammer.. Newbies are fresh..just now seeing stuff…more likely to buy…old hats may be burnt out…

What I am doing is working nicely…I am picking up about 20 followers a day.
For people who dont follow many…I just hit the like button.

Posted By – Sharon Cummings

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