Art as you’ve never seen it before!

Art as you’ve never seen it before!


Hi Folks

We’ve just returned from a trip to glorious South Africa, to source beautiful handmade crafts for your home, that are not found in stores that import largely from China, Korea, Japan and other Countries in the Far East.

Don’t get me wrong. Every Country and it’s produce, has it’s place in the industry, but what worries me, is the incredible artwork that the poorest of the poor in Africa produce, labouring day and night, creating outstanding, stunning pieces of art that are used as décor or jewellery, but I wonder how long it’ll take before China, or another Far Eastern Country will copy what they do, do it faster, and take these people’s business away.

2014-11-05 16.23.592014-11-05 16.19.192014-11-05 16.19.49

This guys name is Charles. He sculptures all of his stunning pieces of art from stone with simple instruments, and by hand. His work is incredible. Proportions are perfect, and the ‘kissing giraffes’…

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