Four Ways to get value from Digital Marketing

The Strategic Executive Forum

 digital-marketing-banner1Since the dawn of the internet, marketers have regarded  it as a vast laboratory , launching experiment after experiment  to find ways to generate  sales and customer loyalty. Customers on the other hand have adopted digital marketing in ways that suit them  and in the process have changed the ways companies market their good and services.

Researchers at Mckinsey and Company  has found that the most successful digital marketers focus on managing four core values  as they increase  the percentage of  marketing and channel spending that is directed to digital activities.

The Digital- Marketing Difference

Even though marketers know that customers go through a multi-stage journey when making purchases, they  have tended to  concentrate  on two, that is.. brand marketing and promotions.

Digital marketing is changing all that  by making companies  part of the conversation with their customers. Companies are moving away from one way conversations driven by sales…

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