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Auto Sharing Buttons on FAA

When we use the buttons to share work, modify the text that is default. Any time we see the words sell or sale in these posts I think it puts people off a bit. They know we sell our work. Sharing our work is how I try to come across.
For example when you use the Facebook button it adds the “prints and posters for sale” into the box. I delete these words so that people want to click the link to look at the work not click it because they feel like they have to Buy. They are more likely to click.
On the Twitter button it says “I uploaded new artwork for sale”. I delete this line. use this many characters to say What a great green capture, or Daily find for Green art. etc. Then add tags at the end of the post that are #green #art #etc…
The less generic any of these postings look the more likely people will be engaged by them.

Omaste Witkowski

Portfolio Management

I am starting today with Microsoft Word, to organize my portfolio.

I have a word document with the name of each of my galleries on FAA. I have keywords that I use for each GALLERY that are a basis for the piece and the same for each piece in the gallery. I copy and paste these keywords when I upload new artwork. I also have basic descriptions that I start with for each upload. Again copy and Paste.

What I am starting to do today is have a word document for each PICTURE. This is named as the name of the piece. I am copying and pasting back from FAA the keywords I used and the description I used. This way I have a written record of all of this information by piece.

I am now adding #hastags to this word document and when I am going to post links in the discussion threads I will copy and paste these hashtags into my comment with my link. Then you can just copy and paste my hashtags when you post for me. Helps you, and helps me.
I also have these hashtags on hand when I am promoting myself along with the keyword and description all in one place. Easier for me.

1. Descriptions should be long and include your name, where the photograph is (location or description) your creative process, your contact info, etc.
2. Use your descriptions to come up with your keywords. If you are desperate just copy and paste individual words from your description as keywords. Also use Microstock or other keyword tool.
3. Hashtags, use your keywords to come up with your hastags, as you can see all three of these elements should build from each other.

When you post to Stumble you have the option for keywords and description, Google+ is description and hashtags, Twitter is mostly hashtags, little description, Facebook is more just description, Pinterest is description and hashtags, Tumblr is description and hashtags.

So if you have all of these sites and each one is a little different to post to, and you have a word document as easy reference, it is much easier to do. You now also have a very nice portfolio with all of this information together.

Omaste Witkowski

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